This website provides a detailed history of the territories which currently make up the Lendosan Confederation. It is divided into four parts, as described below:
  • Part One, covering the rise of the first civilizations and the growth of the Regnosian Empire until it covered the entirity of modern Lendosa.
  • Part Two, covering the collapse of Regnos, the arrival of settlers from Longerath, and the gradual creation of independent kingdoms and duchies across modern Lendosa.
  • Part Three, covering the attempt to unite Lendia (the War of the Stars), the invasion of Lendia by the foreign Liliani Empire, the unification of Piolsa, the creation of the first united Lendosan state, and the collapse caused by the Plague.
  • Part Four, covering the Lendian Revolution, the rise and fall of the Lendian Empire, and the establishment of the modern Lendosan Confederation.
This page is designed to provide a shorter summary, providing a basic outline without going into any significant detail. If more information is desired, there will probably be additional details in the appropriate section of the main history.

History of Lendosa

Today, the main islands of the Lendosan Confederation (Lendia and Piolsa) are dominated by an ethnic group generally known as the Lendians (although some prefer "Lendosans", as around half of the group's population actually lives on Piolsa, not Lendia). Before the Lendians, there were other peoples, who survive only in three of the smaller Confederate member states. They were the first to establish civilisation in the area now known as Lendia.

Prominent early civilisations include the Riochans (still extant), Kunn, the Paspalhites, the Aystirians, and the Regnosians. The latter, the Regnosians, were to become extremely powerful, conquering the others to eventually control the whole of modern Lendosa. Regnos was an advanced civilization for its era, but has had remarkably little influence on modern Lendosa. It reached its peak around 2500 years ago.

Regnos, however, fell into civil war, and much of Lendosa collapsed into anarchy. Moving into the ruins were settlers from northern Longerath, coming from countries in what is now Estontetso and Neoliliana. These colonies slowly grew into small states, and expanded to cover most of Lendosa. The shrunken remnants of Regnos were gradually absorbed, and coverted to the ways of the colonists. Eventually, the two most powerful states on the island of Lendia united into a single Kingdom of Lendia, and attempted to conquer the entire island. The new Kingdom was held back by the Principality of Frezonia, the largest remaining independent country on the island. The conflict between the two was called the War of the Stars, and devastated the entire island.

In the middle of the War of the Stars, the whole island of Lendia was invaded by the Empire of Liliana, a powerful state that had arisen in northern Longerath. Lendia was coverted into a Liliani province. Piolsa continued to be divided between several states. Eventually, however, the Lilianis withdrew their forces due to troubles at home, and Lendia became an independent country. At roughly the same time, Piolsa was unified in a federal monarchy. Lendia and Piolsa decided to join together to avoid any possible return by the Lilianis, creating the Lendosan Alliance (from Lendia + Piolhosa, using the more formal archaic name for Piolsa). This was the first united Lendosan state.

The Lendosan Alliance was broken by the Plague, which devastated much of the world. In the resulting chaos, many small states were established throughout both Lendia and Piolsa. Gradually, states amalgamated, establishing larger kingdoms. These kingdoms were frequently at war with each other, and their leaders were seen as corrupt and greedy. One hundred and two years after the Plague, revolution broke out in Lendia, and eventually, a new Lendian Republic was proclaimed across the entire island. The Republic did not last long, however, before being usurped by its top general, who proclaimed himself Emperor. The Lendian Empire expanded to cover several neighbouring territories, notably Caboteniasa and Neoliliana. It lasted until relatively recently, when (after a brief attempt to turn it into a federal republic, the Free Confederacy of Lendian Republics) it was dissolved into its component parts. The Lendosan Confederation is made up of the old Empire's core territories.