This map shows the distribution of population in the Lendosan Confederation. Red areas represent places inhabited by a large number of people, while blue areas represent areas where few people live. In Lendia (the northern island) the largest concentrations of people are in coastal areas, such as the Rivanian coast (north), the Loltha River (east), the Aspala River (southwest), and the Neonian coast (south). In Piolsa (the southern island) the principle centres of population are Rezimano (west), the valley of the Videc River (centre), and the mouth of the Videc River (east).

Cultural Groups

While any attempt to divide Lendosa up into distinct cultural groups will involve a great deal of generalisation and over-simplification, it is still possible to observe twelve basic cultural tendencies. The map below shows the rough geographical distribution of these groups. (See the Cultures page for more information on Lendosan cultural groups).


The map below shows the basic distribution of languages spoken in modern Lendosa. It also shows the major dialects of the Lendian language, which is the dominant speech of both Lendia and Piolsa.


There are three major religions in Lendosa - Cruisianity, Larism, and Veldanism. All are widely spread over the country, and there are few areas where a religion has any real dominance. Nevertheless, it is possible to map the largest religion (not necessarily a majority religion) of different parts of the country. As can be seen, Cruisianity (the largest religion) is the largest religion for the central regions of both Lendia and Piolsa. Larism is strongest in the northwest of Lendia and in Rabel, while Veldanism is strongest in the south of Piolsa. Also displayed are the Paspalhite, Ranhi, and Kha religions, which, although small, are the largest religion of their specific areas. The islands of Rioch actually have atheists as the largest group - if they were exluded, the islands would bbe marked as Larist. (See the Religion page for more information on Lendosan religious belief).


The map below shows the primary rail routes of the Lendosan Confederation. Rail transport is an important part of the Lendosan economy, and Lendosa has higher rail capacity than might be expected. (This is offset by a relatively unsophisticated road network.) Only major routes are shown here. These routes are owned and operated by five companies. Piolsa Rail (Carillo Piolsa) is the largest, controlling all major routes on the island of Piolsa. It is owned by the Piolsan government. In Lendia, the most well known rail network is GLF&R (Gloria Libertatis, Frezone, and Riva), which operates along the northern coast. Astridoria, another company, operates along the southern coast, and controls the profitable high-speed link between Gloria Libertatis and Zolariza. Ilmaristo operates mainly in the island's interior. A smaller company, CCM (Corporatio Carillono Melhoriano, or Melhorian Rail Corporation) controls a short route in Melhoria, Lendia's northwestern region.