By far the most common language in the Lendosan Confederation is Lendian. It originated on the island of Lendia, but is now spread throughout most of the former FCLR nations. Even in the areas where it is not spoken as a first language, it is used for business transactions and governmental work. It is a Liliani-based language. Originally, Lendian consisted of several closely related languages, with only partial intelligibility between them - today, political and cultural integration has dissolved these boundaries, but strong dialects still exist.

The other main languages present in Lendosa are Rabeli, Riochan, Ranhi, Kha, Sargonese, and Teldian. The first four are all localized to the islands from which they come. Except for Riochan, they have slowly lost ground to Lendian, although are still spoken by the majority of their ethnic population. Sargonese is a little-spoken language from the Piolsan region of Austenia, while Teldian is spoken mainly in the mountainous areas of inland Lendia - both are remnants of the historic languages that have otherwise been absorbed and integrated into modern Lendian.

The dialects of Lendian correspond to the historic Lendian languages. The Azulian language, which formed the basis for modern Lendian, remains the core influence on the modern Azulian dialect, widely considered to be "standard" Lendian. At least ten other dialects are well-established.

The map below shows the languages spoken in modern Lendosa, as well as the major dialects of Lendian.

The map below shows the historical distribution of languages before they were assimilated into a single Lendian language.