Cendena is a car manufacturer based in Riva, Lendia. It is currently the third largest automaker in Lendosa, following Lilimea and Duriliano. Cendena is the oldest motor corporation in Lendosa, predating the two others by at least twenty years, but has since lost considerable ground to the others. Nevertheless, it manages to maintain a moderate market share.
Duriliano is a relatively large car manufacturer based in Tiris, Piolsa. Duriliano was initially very successful, but declined in its fortunes until it was almost bankrupt. Recently, however, the company has been revitalised, and is now the second largest automaker in the Lendosan Confederation. The revitalisation came after Lanatira Technologia bought a controlling share in the company.
Lilimea is a large car manufacturing company based in Lendia. An old and established company, Lilimea is best known for its higher-end luxury cars, and certain Lilimea cars have become status symbols. Besides these luxury cars, however, Lilimea produces a large number of family vehicles, for sale both in Lendosa and abroad. It is the largest car manufacturer in the Confederation.


Agora is the Lendosan Confederation's largest oil company. It controls almost all of Lendosa's internal oil production, although this is not particularly large compared to some other countries. It is Lendosa's largest oil importer, and ownes shares in many foreign oil companies. It also undertakes oil refining. It does not market its oil directly to consumers, however, instead selling it on to other companies. Agora recently attempted to enter the retail market itself, but was blocked due to its near monopoly on oil supplies.
Lendian Energy (Energia Lendiana) is the largest private electricity generator in the Lendosan Confederation. Its operations are confined to Lendia, where it competes with the state-owned electricity suppliers. It is 51% owned by Lanatira Technologia (see Technology) and 49% owned by the Lendian (not Lendosan) government. It also owns the majority of PetroGL company, one of the major petroleum retailers - PetroGL was once an integrated part of Lendian Energy, but was split off into a subsidiary company some time ago.
PetroGL is the third largest gas station chain in the Lendosan Confederation. It was originally a subsidiary of Lendian Energy, but is now a 67%-owned subsidiary. It was originally limited to the greater Gloria Libertatis (GL) area, but has since expanded to cover most of Lendia. It is also found in Rabel and Rioch, and has arrangements with smaller companies in Piolsa. Along with Quevela and Safiro, it is one of the "Big Three" petroleum retailers in Lendosa.
Quevela is a major Lendosan energy company. It is the Lendosan Confederation's largest petroleum retailer, and the third largest electricity generator (after the state's Energy Section and Lendian Energy). Its operations are spread equally throughout the Confederation, although the company originates in Lendia. It is owned entirely by small investors, with rules prohibiting any person or organisation holding more than one percent of its shares.
Safiro is the Lendosan Confederation's second largest gas station chain, and is also a major supplier of industrial chemicals. Its primary centre of operations is Piolsa, but it also has significant interests in Lendia and the other members of the Confederation. It is wholly owned by Lanatira Technologia (see Technology), although it still competes with PetroGL (67% owned by Lendian Energy, which itself is 51% owned by LanTech).


The Bank of Lendia (Argentaria da Lendia) is the largest bank in Lendosa. It was previously the largest banking corporation of the FCLR, based in Gloria Libertatis, the capital of the FCLR and now the capital of Lendia. Since the collapse of the FCLR, it has operated primarily in Lendosa, but has maintained significant assets abroad, and can be seen in almost all former FCLR nations. It owns a number of other banks outside of the former FCLR, either in whole or in part, and holds many property investments as well.
Banner Insurance (Bandeira Seguro) is the largest insurance company in the Lendosan Confederation. The company was formed in 277 AP as an amalgamation of several smaller companies. 72% of its stock is held by large companies, with the remainder belonging to small investors. It is headquartered in Gloria Libertatis, and is strongest in that area, but operates nation-wide.
Rurane Corporation, named after founder Mercutio Rurane, is (if subsidiaries are included) the second largest company in the Lendosan Confederation. Initially a financial services and accounting company, Rurane has slowly grown through investment and development to the point where it holds significant stakes in a large number of industries. It's core business remains in the financial arena, but Rurane has holdings in manufacturing, retail, construction, technology, and a large number of other sectors. Its largest rival is Lanatira Technologia, Lendosa's largest company, which now competes either directly or indirectly with Rurane in dozens of different markets.


Aurismo (roughly translated as "affairs of those with wealth") is a news magazine focusing on business and finance, but also commenting on politics and current events. Its editorial policy is economically right-wing and socially liberal. Aurismo is very highly thought of in business circles, and has considerable influence in government. Its is famous for its rivalry with New Republic and Heritage, the two other prominent news magazines.
Heritage (Eredita) is a news magazine focusing on political, social, and cultural matters. It is one of the main three news magazines in Lendosa, the others being Aurismo and New Republic. The rivalry between the three is strong. Heritage takes a generally traditionalist outlook, contrasting with the laissez-faire and the progressive New Republic. 
LBC (in full, the Lendosanode Berecastano Corporatio, or Lendosan Broadcasting Corporation) is a state-owned radio and television broadcaster. It is the largest broadcaster in Lendosa, operating a large number of national radio and television stations, including a cable television network. It also produces a large number of programs. It has a particular obligation to support Lendosan culture, including the culture of Lendosa's ethnic minorities.
The Lendian Times (Las Tempas Lendianas) is the largest newspaper of the Lendosan Confederation, being read all over the country (as well as in quite a number of Lendian-speaking areas outside Lendosa). It is also one of Vexillium's oldest daily newspapers. While the printed version is only available in Lendian, the online version may be found in a number of different languages. The Lendian Times company itself owns a number of other media interests around the country, including the Gloria Libertatis Financial Bulletin and the Lendian Sports News.
The New Republic is a news magazine focusing on political issues. It was originally established by those opposed to the continuance of the monarchy (hence its title), but is now a promoter of many types of reformist and progressive views. New Republic has a strong following in many circles of government, where it competes with both the more laissez-faire Aurismo and the more traditionalist Heritage. 
Questa Television is the second largest television broadcaster in the Lendosan Confederation, and the largest private broadcaster. It operates a large network of television stations, including Questa News, Questa Business, and Questa Sport. It is the main competitor of LBC, the state broadcaster. It was originally established in Lendia, but now broadcasts over the whole of the Confederation. It is also received in several countries with Lendian minorities.
The Rivan Herald (La Eralda Rivana) is the third largest newspaper in the Lendosan Confederation. It is based in the Lendian city of Riva, but is read by many people in other parts of the country. It is known for its strong liberal tendencies, and thus is more popular with liberals than the traditionalist Tiris Observer or the moderate Lendian Times. The Rivan Herald prides itself on the number of times it was shut down for criticising the old Imperial government.
The Tiris Observer (La Observadoro Tirissano, or, in more modern spelling, La Observador Tirisano) is the second largest newspaper in the Lendosan Confederation. It originates from the Piolsan capital, Tiris, but is read across much of Piolsa. The paper tends to be traditionalist in its views, supporting strong state authority and traditional values. For this reason, traditionalists outside Piolsa sometimes prefer it to their own local papers.


Lucinda Marana is a major entertainment retailer. It was founded by (and named after) Lucinda Marana, a famous Lendian film actress, upon her retirement. Lucinda Marana stores generally sell CDs, videos, DVDs, and, in some areas, computer games. The company also operates a large chain of movie theatres throughout the country.
The Minh Corporation operates the largest chain of department stores in Lendosa. It was originally established as a single shop in suburban Tiris, opened by a recent immigrant to Lendosa by the name of Nguyen Duc Minh. The rapid growth of Minh has made it one of the most well known names in Lendosa. Following the death of Nguyen Duc Minh, ownership of the company has passed to his daughter, Nguyen Le Pham, who is now ranked as one of the wealthiest people in the country.
Selas is a the largest supermarket chain in the Lendosan Confederation. It has a long history, having originated as the Suvica, Erenora, et Lisaria Asociaziono Sepenotoro (Suvica, Erenora, and Lisaria Fruitgrowers Association), a marketing collective in the Lendian region of Melhoria. It gradually expanded to sell other produce, and eventually opened Lendia's first supermarkets.
VK (in full, Veronica Kalinda) is a clothing retailer specialising in expensive designer-label garments. The clothing it sells is either imported from foreign countries or part of VK's own brand. VK clothing is something of a status symbol among fashion-conscious Lendosans, particularly women. Recently, VK has also started to sell cosmetics and jewelery.


Arianse is the largest computer manufacturer in Lendosa, producing nearly 90% of all personal computers in the Confederation. It was formerly known as Corporatio Nationalo Ordinatoriano Digitalo (National Digital Computing Corporation), or CNOD, with Arianse (roughly translated as "horizon") being its principle brand-name for consumer products. It adopted Arianse as its corporate name after it was privatised. It is now 75% owned by Lanatira Technologia, 15% owned by INS, and 10% owned by the state-run Institute of Computing.
GenDev (in full, Genetico Devarisano Corporatio, or Genetic Development Corporation) is a major genetic research corporation based in Gloria Libertatis, Lendia. It is jointly owned by Lanatira Technologia and ISOR, and works closely with both companies. Its collaboration with LanTech is primarily in the field of new genetic engineering technologies, while its collaboration with ISOR focuses on the application of genetics for medical purposes. GenDev significant a key role in the recent sequencing of the human genome, and is also involved in a number of similar projects. 
INS (originally Infotechnianode Nerateos Sistemas, or Information Network Systems, but now officially undefined) is is a company which specialises in information technology networks, digital communications, and data transfer infrastructure. It is heavily involved in the Lendosa's internet system, which has been heavily expanded and subsidised by the government (see Ligasano). It also contracted to administer Lendosa's official electronic financial transactions system, used by both companies and citizens.
ISOR is a major medical research, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology company. It is Lendosa's largest manufacturer of medicines and vaccines, and plays a considerable role in the development of new medical treatments. Through its subsidiary GenDev (co-owned with Lanatira Technologia), ISOR conducts significant research into applying genetic technology in medicine.
Lanatira Technologia, frequently abbreviated to LanTech, is the Lendosan Confederation's largest, richest, and most powerful company. LanTech itself is based around research and development, covering fields such as biotechnology, genetic engineering, microchip technology, robotics, advanced weapons, satellite technology, consumer appliances, communications technology, and nuclear power, among many others. LanTech also owns stakes in many other companies, including electricity generators, oil companies, computer manufacturers, railways, airlines, phone companies, and car-makers. LanTech takes considerable pride in its image as being "on the cutting edge of technological innovation".
Siriana Software is Lendosa's largest computer software corporation. Its products cover a fairly broad range - besides being the creator of Lumina, the most popular of the several operating systems available for Arianse computers, Siriana also produces a suite of office software, a number of specialist software tools, and a small (but expanding) collection of games. Siriana is 51% owned by Lanatira Technologia. Toril Candenta also has a 15% stake.
Toril Candenta, named after its founders Alberto Toril and Damio Candenta, is a large computer technology corporation based around the manufacture of computer accessories such as printers, scanners, CD-Rom drives, and sound cards. It is the largest manufacturer of computer peripherals in the Lendosan Confederation, and one of the largest in the world. 


Air Lavaia (Aero Lavaia) is an airline based in the Piolsan region of Lavaia. It has a particular focus on transport between the various small islands off Piolsa's western tip (the Lavaia Islands, from which the region takes its name). As such, many of its aircraft are small, designed for short, low-volume hops. It also, however, operates large flights between the Lavaian capital, Dialen, and other key cities of the Lendosan Confederation.
AMA (in full, Aerolinas dala Mara da Azulaqua, or Airlines of the Sea of Blue Waters) is an airline which bases itself around international air transport between Lendosa and the countries of Longerath (across the body of water known in Lendosa as the Mara da Azulaqua, or Sea of Blue Waters). It has only a small number of routes within Lendosa itself, most of which are along the country's eastern coast.
Astridoria (formerly known as Corporatio Carillono Astridoria, or Astridoria Rail Corporation) is the second largest rail operator in Lendia, having around thirty percent market share. It is named after a historic queen. The company's network is based in the city of Zolariza, and extends the length of the Neonian coast. It also controls the route between Neonia and the Lendian capital, Gloria Libertatis. It is half-owned by Piolsa Rail.
Gloria Libertatis, Frezone, & Riva is the second largest rail operator in the Lendosan Confederation (the largest being Piolsa Rail, a monopoly of the Piolsan government). GLF&R is based in Lendia, with its most famous route being the coastal line running between the three cities mentioned in its name. It also covers much of Melhoria. It is privately owned, with 66% of its shares being held by Lanatira Technologia (see Technology) and the rest by small investors.
Ilmaristo Rail (Carillo Ilmaristo) is a rail operator in Lendia. It is Lendia's third largest rail network, and the fourth largest in the Confederation. It is based in the city of Dauro, in the region of Aspalia. It takes its name from the village of Ilmaristo, a mining settlement in the mountains which was the company's first route. Today, the company covers much of the Aspalian valley, but also keeps links with its roots by serving cities in the mountainous Avris and Xoxina.
Jhu Kha is a transport company based in Kha, one of the Lendosan Confederation's smaller members. "Jhu" is simply a word which means "mobile". Jhu Kha operates buses, ferries, and small aircraft, mostly within Kha but also between Kha and mainland Piolsa. The company has an alliance with both Lendian Airways and Piolsa Rail. Jhu Kha is 51% owned by the Kha government, with the remainder being owned by private Kha investors - a condition of ownership is that shares are not sold to anyone outside Kha.
Lendian Airways (Aerovias Lendianas) is the second largest airline in Lendosa, being slightly behind Lendosan Airlines). It was formed from the Lendian share of Imperial Lendian Airways, the old airline of the Lendian Empire. When the Empire fell, the government of Lendia decided to privatise the company, but the government of Piolsa objected - as such, the company was split into Royal Piolsan Airlines (now Lendosan Airlines) and the private Lendian Airways. Although Lendian Airways was initially the larger portion of the company, strong competition from Rivan Airways, Neonian Airlines, and discount carrier Libertade has seen its market share fall.
Lendosan Airlines (Aerolinas Lendosanos) is the largest airline in the Lendosan Confederation. It is state-owned, having been formed out of Piolsa's share of Imperial Lendian Airways, the former airline of the Lendian Empire (which covered both Lendia and Piolsa). The core portion of the airline, which was privatised, became the modern Lendian Airways, but the Piolsan government was unwilling to relinquish its share, and so Royal Piolsan Airlines was established. When the Lendosan Confederation was created, ownership was transferred to the new Confederate government.
Libertade (formally, Libertade Aerolinas, or Freedom Airlines), is a low-cost airline based in Lendia. Most of its flights are in Lendia, but it has also expanded to other areas of Lendosa, and is understood to be planning international flights. Libertade's airfares are considerably lower than those of other major airlines, but Libertade provides less comfortable travel conditions.
MaraLendosa is a large maritime transport company. It is 75% owned by the state and 25% owned by Lanatira Technologia (see Technology). It has a wide range of operations, covering overseas shipping, domestic shipping, and domestic passenger transport. It has numerous ferries travelling between the various islands of Lendosa, and is the largest transporter of heavy freight between Lendia and Piolsa.
Neonian Airlines (Aerolinas Neonianas) is a privately owned airline based in the region of Neonia, in southern Lendia. Its central hub is the city of Zolariza, one of Lendosa's largest urban centres. It is currently the sixth largest Lendosan airline in terms of passenger numbers, and is particularly strong on routes between Lendia and Piolsa (the Neonia region faces onto the Piolsan Strait). The airline does not, however, make international flights, focusing exclusively on the Lendosan market.
Rivan Airways (Aerovias Rivanas) is based in the Lendian city of Riva. It focuses mainly on the domestic Lendian market, but is also a major player in Rabel and in international flights to northern Longerath. By passenger volume, it is currently the fourth largest airline in Lendosa. It has traditionally been known for its more relaxed attitude and friendly service, something which the airline describes as "part of the Rivan character".
Piolsa Rail (CarilloPiolsa) is a rail operator in Piolsa and Ranha. Piolsa, like Lendia, has an extensive rail network, and while passenger numbers declined with the rise of air travel, freight transport is still a major business. Unlike other countries, Lendosa has only a small amount of freight moved by road. Piolsa Rail is owned by the Piolsan (not Lendosan) government.
Piolsan Airlines (Aerolinas Piolsanas) is the largest airline of Piolsa and the third largest airline of Lendosa. It is a private company, having originally been established as the Piolsan Air Transport Company (Corporatio Aeromomento Piolsana, or CAP) in 264 AP. It adopted its modern name in 299 AP. Most of its routes are within Piolsa, but it also flies between Piolsa and other cities in the Lendosan Confederation. It also operates a number of international routes, mostly between Piolsa and countries in Smalik, to the south.


Lendosa Aviation (Aeronaviato Lendosa) is an aircraft manufacturing corporation under majority government ownership. It was formerly a subsidiary of Lendian Airways, but the company was broken away from the airline some time ago, and the government has since bought a 65% stake in it. The remainder of the company is owned by Lanatira Technologia.
Celista is Lendosa's largest telecommunications company. It is 51% owned by Lanatira Technologia and 49% owned by the Confederate government. It was formerly known as the Lendosan Communications Corporation, but rebranded itself when a controlling stake was sold to LanTech. Celista's core business is in telephones (both regular and mobile), but it is also a major ISP.
Primera Securidade (generally called PriSec) is the largest of Lendosa's four main private security companies. In Lendosa, security guards for private companies have a considerably wider range of powers than in many countries, and so the licensing regime is considerably stricter. As such, many smaller companies choose to hire a security company rather than take on the expense of hiring and certifying their own guards. PriSec is the largest such security company, and employs over thirty thousand armed guards.
Tikia is Lendosan Confederation's largest tour operator and hotel chain. It originated in Rabel (tikia is a Rabeli word), but now covers the whole of Lendosa, and has certain interests in foreign groups as well. Traditionally, Tikia specialised in low-cost tours and accommodation, but it has recently established a branch to compete in the luxury hotel market.