Lendosa makes considerable use of the internet, both for personal and commercial purposes.

Lendosa's First Level Domain is .ln. All websites registered in Lendosa will therefore end in this code. At one stage, consideration was given to applying for each Confederate memberstate to have separate First Level Domains, but this was ultimately rejected.

Second Level Domains are divisions within Lendosa's .ln country domain. They are assigned based on the nature of the owner. For example, there are second level domains for companies, for non-profit organizations, for the government, and so forth. All second level domains within Lendosa are below.

Academic sites
Military sites
Company sites
Entertainment sites
Non-profit organization sites
Government sites
Informational sites
Online shopping sites
News sites
Intelligence sites
Political party sites
ISP sites
Personal sites
Scientific sites
Security/police sites
Many of the Second Level Domains listed above are divided into still smaller sections, generally involving a narrowing of subject matter. For example, the academic domain is divided into the components .univ (for universities), .coll (for high schools), .esco (for primary schools), .jara (for kindergartens), and .prec (for vocational schools). Other domains have similar subdivisions.

Example Domain Names

The main website of the Lendosan government, maintained by the Information Section). Note that only the .gove (government), .amel (military), and .pano (intelligence) second level domains have a website directly attached to them - all others require at least three components after the "www".

The website of the University of Gloria Libertatis (Univeridade de Gloria Libertatis, or UdGL).

The website of the Lendosan Confederate Navy (Armada Confederatiana Lendosana), one of the military's three branches.

The website of Arianse, Lendosa's largest computer manufacturer and one of the Confederation's largest companies.

The official website of Soveranos Grandos ("Great Sovereigns"), a popular strategy game for Arianse computers.

The website of Cardio Sacrado, Lendosa's largest charitable organization.

A website about the history of Frezonia, set up as a source of information by someone with an interest in the subject.

An online store run by VK, a major Lendosan fashion label.

The online home of the Lendosan News Network, the Confederation's largest provider of news and current events coverage.

The website of the Lendosan Socialist Party.

The homepage of Julia Verencia, a Lendosan citizen. Note that personal site URLs are only created on request, and do not exist for all citizens by any means. Also note that personal websites often have redirection URLs under a redi.pers.ln address, saving people the bother of remembering the entire URL. The full name includes a person's name, neighbourhood, suburb, /city, region, and nation, and, as such, is quite long.

The website of the Lendosan Confederate Police.


The term Lo Ligasano, literally just meaning "the Link", is a short form of Lo Ligasano Datano Electronico Lendosano, meaning "the Lendosan Electronic Data Link". It is, in essence, an "internet within the internet" - a coordinated augmentation of the internet by  Lendosa within its own borders, designed to increase the functions available to users. It was originally established to help implement the referendary democracy goals of the FCLR. It makes use of additional protocols and configuarations to the ones found in other countries, and so is difficult for people outside Lendosa to access.

The Ligasano is a very powerful tool. It helps, in many ways, to think of the Ligasano and its Neoliliani counterpart N3 as being what the internet might be had it been established by a national government, designed rather than grown, and with massive amounts of capital used for its development. Because it was a planned network rather than a slowly expanded one, the Ligasano has many features all standardized, while the internet is slowed by the need to develop compatable systems and technologies. The Ligasano has all the features required of it built in, and all that needs upgrading are the actual cables of the network itself.

Many things can be accomplished through the Ligasano. First and foremost, it is Lendosa's electronic voting network, with citizens of Lendosa able to make decisions in referendums, and to elect representatives when the time comes. Built into this system is a means of educating voters on the matters at hand, and for providing the opinions of the various groups concerned. For example, a vote on the punishment of criminals would have information and statistics regarding current policy provided along with it, as well as statements from all political parties represented in the Senate (and any other group that the voter has indicated that they would like the opinion of, including non-political lobby organizations). The results of votes are also conveyed through this system, along with other government announcements and notices.

Another important function of the Ligasano is as a means of electronic financial transactions, similar to debit cards. Because of the Ligasano, standard personal identification cards can be used for instant financial transactions, whether it be purchasing a garment in a city shop, paying a taxi fare to return home, or even just transferring money from one card directly to another. Many Lendosan households possess a device able to read these cards for various purposes, able to give money to the card or take from it, adding or subtracting from the user's bank account directly. The Ligasano can also be used to transfer money to other accounts remotely, enabling people to purchase items through the network in much the same way as people are able to buy items through internet sites. The technology is no more advanced than elsewhere - it is merely better integrated, owing to the fact that it was consciously designed to perform these functions..

Also a major function of the Ligasano is communications. While the basic telephone network of Lendosa was originally separate from the Ligasano, it has since been integrated, and all telephone communications now flow through it. Any and all internet access in Lendosa is also through the Ligasano, including email and the like. In this regard, the Ligasano is interconnected with other networks - telephone calls and internet communicatioons all flow through the Ligasano, but can leave the network and travel through the standard international telephone grid as well. This means that international telephone calls proceed in the normal manner, and that Ligasano sites can be viewed by foreign users (provided the formats are, in fact, compatible), and foreign internet sites can be viewed by Lendosan users.

The Ligasano also provides a number of other features. One of these is in terms of the media, with various different government media being broadcast using the Ligasano. Acting rather like a cable television network, a connection between the Ligasano and a television can provide many different channels of contend, produced both by the state-owned Lendosan Broadcasting Corporation and by other approved broadcasters. Also available through the Ligasano is limited access to the Statistics Section's massive collection of records and facts. These statistics are in many different areas, and range from harbour arrival records to statements of economic growth three years ago in Lasiano to information on the number of dentists registered with the Health Section in the city of Asala - almost any government information which is free to the public and could be obtained elsewhere is available through the Ligasano. All the various telephone directories are available through the Ligasano as well, and a project is currently underway to make street maps available in the same way. Another source of information available through the Ligasano are limited profiles of all Lendosan citizens (providing details such as educational achievement, criminal records, and such like, used primarily by employers for purposes of verification). These profiles include things such as photographs, contact details, and employment information, but do not display personal information such medical records and financial records (although, of course, this information is still recorded in the Intelligence Profiles from which the Citizens' Profiles are drawn). The Ligasano presents the greatest source of information to the citizens of Lendosa anywhere.

The Ligasano also serves as a government utility. A partitioned area of the main Ligasano structure, known as the Ligasano Oficialo, is reserved exclusively for official use. While the regular Ligasano is well protected from any attempts to hack it, the Ligasano Oficialo is even more heavily shielded, and is used as a means of document transfer between government departments and entities. Reports, statements, requests for information, and orders are all passed through the Ligasano Oficialo. Several further subdivisions of the Ligasano exist within the Ligasano Oficialo, such as the Ligasano Amelitariano (military), the Ligasano Poliziano (police), and the Ligasano Ciernatio (intelligence).