Lendosa's economic system is, broadly speaking, capitalist. Private companies make up a large portion of the Lendosan economy, and most tariffs, subsidies, and price controls have been removed. There is, however, considerable regulation, and there are a large number of state-owned corporations which the government has no intention to privatize. Lendosa, therefore, has a market economy, but not a deregulated one.

Major state-owned companies include LBC (the country's largest broadcaster), Lendosan Airlines (the largest airline), MaraLendosa (the largest shipping line), and Celista (the largest phone company). These companies all operate in a competitive environment, contesting the market with private companies. This is an explicit part of the Lendosan government's philosophy - the presence of state companies in the market ensures that there will always be a company that is not simply pursuing wealth, while the presence of private companies ensure that there is incentive for efficiency.

Other prominent companies in Lendosa are Lanatira Technologia (the country's largest and wealthiest company), Agora (an oil company), Questa (a broadcaster), Minh ( a chain of department stores), and Arianse (a computer maker). More information on companies in Lendosa can be found here.


The Lendosan Confederation does quite a lot of trade with other nations, particularly those that were once (like Lendosa) a part of the FCLR. Almost all trade with Lendosa is conducted freely, with no tariffs placed on goods being brought into the country.

The only restrictions on trading are the various illegal imports and exports that the Lendosan government maintains. It is illegal to either import or export any form of weaponry (excepting deals between our government and that of another nation), and it is illegal to export certain types of technology (mostly those which pertain to weaponry, such as the technology needed to construct nuclear weapons). There are a number of other things that are not permissible for import or export, a full list of which can be obtained from the Trade Section, but which include narcotics and illegal drugs, live animals, cigarettes, and alcohol. Naturally, any items which are illegal within Lendosa are automatically on the list of illegal imports/exports.

Furthermore, some exports must have certain permits and certificates before being permitted. Examples of these include jems, precious metals, and jewelery, which require certificates stating their origin and proving that they were legally acquired. It is also necessary to obtain permits to export anything of historical or archaeological value.

The largest imports made by the Lendosan Confederation are petroleum and consumer goods, along with various bulk metals and rubber. In exports, the largest items would be electronics, automobiles, aerospace products, ships, fruit, chemicals, various precious metals, jemstones (particularly diamond and emeralds), and forestry products.