This page discusses urban, overland, marine, and air transportation in the Lendosan Confederation.

Urban Transport
As in most first-world nations, the primary method of transport in Lendosan cities is the automobile. The quality of roads is high, although some cities (such as Gloria Libertatis) have problems with traffic. Public transport has always been well supported by most Lendian cities, and government policy mandates the encouragement of such services. Bus systems, commuter rail, and subways are all prominent in most major cities.

Overland Transport
While roading within cities is good, highways linking major cities are not particularly well developed. In part, this is due to a deliberate government policy for the last seventy-five years of strongly promoting rail transport over road transport. As a result of this policy, Lendosa has a very highly developed rail network, and much intercity transport (particularly for cargo, but also for passengers) is done by train. Particularly popular are the high-speed links between Gloria Libertatis and Zolariza, between Gloria Libertatis and Tiano, between Colchisia and Tiris, and between Quena and Toras. A map showing the major rail operators and their most important routes is below. All networks are interconnected.

Marine Transport
Because Lendosa is an island-based country, ships and ferries play a significant role in the operations of Lendosa. The Piolsa Strait, the body of water separating Lendia and Piolhosa, is plied by hundreds of ferries and smaller craft making the crossing between the two islands, making it one of the busiest regions of water in the world. The port cities of Zolariza (Lendia) and Astelitio (Piolsa) are the centres of this activity. Similarly, there are many ferries and other craft in the waters around Lendosa, sailing to Caboteniasa, Lombriga, and Neoliliana. A state-owned company, MaraLendosa, is the largest marine transport operator.

Air Transport
Air travel is popular in Lendosa, although it has not achieved perhaps quite the same dominance that it has in some countries. Lendosa's governmental airline, Air Lendosa, and the largest private airline in the country, Lendian Airways, are highly successful, both in the domestic market and the international one. Other major airlines include Piolsan Airlines, Neonian Airlines, Rivan Airways, AMA, and the low-cost carrier Libertade. Lendosa is also a significant manufacturer of aircraft, produced by the government-owned Lendosa Aviation.