Location:Las Islas Ocidentalas (the Western Isles).
Territory: All of the island of Piolsa; all of the island of Lendia except for the Kunn Fedoron region; the Rabeli islands; the Rioch islands; Pelaja Island; the Ranhi islands; the Kha islands; the Lavaia islands; other minor islets.

Physical Geography

Land Area: 1,493,428 km² (576,618 miles²), approximately
Coastline: 25,668 km (19,732 miles), approximately
Highest Point: Mt. Recuna (3018 metres above sea level)
Lowest Point: Sorgas Valley (12 metres below sea level)

Largest River by Volume: Aspala River
Largest River by Length: Tiris River

Climate: Tropical to moderate

Mineral Resources: Iron Ore, Zinc, Copper, Tin, Gold, Palladium, Natural Gas, Oil, Salt, Diamonds, Emeralds

Political Geography

Capital: Colchisia (5.3 million people)
Largest City: Gloria Libertatis (14.7 mil.)
Other Major Cities: Zolarisa (8.6 mil.), Riva (7.1 mil.), Valarium (6.8 mil.), Tiris (6.1 mil)

Political Subdivisions: Six member states. Two member states are divided into seven Regions; four are divided into three Regions.


Population: 131,730,208 people (at last census)
Population Growth: 0.85% per year (including immigration)
Birth Rate: 10.06 births per 1,000 people
Death Rate: 8.69 deaths per 1,000 people
Infant Mortality: 4.41 deaths per 1,000 live births
Life Expectancy: 73.92 years for males, 74.19 years for females


Ethnic Groups: Lendian, including Piolsan (78%), Rabeli (5%), Riochan (2%), Ranhi (2%), Kha (2%), other (11%)
Languages: Lendian (77%), Rabeli (4%), Riochan (2%), Ranhi (2%), Teldian (2%), Kha (2%), Sargonese (1%), other (10%)
Religions: Cruisian (42.4%), Non-Religious (35.0%), Larist (9.6%), Veldanist (6.5%), other (6.5%)