Names and Designations

Official Name: Confederatio Lendosano
Common Name: Lendosa

International Official Name: Lendosan Confederation
International Common Name: Lendosa

Digraph: LN
Trigraph: LEN


State Type: Confederation of independent nations
Component States: Lendia, Piolsa, Rabel, Rioch, Ranha, Kha

Government Type: Mixture of democratic, meritocratic, and autocratic systems.
Constitution: No formal constitution. Pact of Confederation establishes state. Legal codes control its government.

Capital: Colchisia
Head of State: None. Leadership is split between Praetor Catalina Santiago, Consul Anya Atmasova, and Chancellor Numerio Jadiro, all of whom hold equal rank.

Official Name (in Lendian): Republica Libera da Lendia
International Name: Free Republic of Lendia
Government Type: Republic
Capital: Gloria Libertatis
Head of State: First Councillor Lucinda Atantorea

Official Name (in Lendian): Reino do Piolso
International Name: Kingdom of Piolsa
Government Type: Constitutional monarchy
Capital: Tiris
Head of State: King Dazelio III

Official Name (in Rabeli): Fetaratio Rabel
Official Name (in Lendian): Federatio do Rabelo
International Name: Federation of Rabel or Rabeli Federation
Government Type: Federal republic
Capital: Neogena
Head of State: Speaker Tahavi Ikibi

Official Name (in Riochan): Rioch
Official Name (in Lendian): Patriciato da Riocha
International Name: Patricianate of Rioch
Government Type: De facto monarchy
Capital: Lacasa
Head of State: Patrician Tauros Meheron

Official Name (in Ranhi): Ranharepublike
Official Name (in Lendian): Republica da Rana
International Name: Republic of Ranha or Ranhi Republic
Government Type: Republic
Capital: Granata
Head of State: Warden Muro Mutaro

Official Name (in Kha): Zarhakh Kha
Official Name (in Lendian): Avatarata da Kha
International Name: Avatariate of Kha or Kha Avatariate
Government Type: Constitutional theocracy
Capital: Khath
Head of State: Avatar Ro Dakha


Emblem: The drinisi, a hexagon divided into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple segments. It originally represented the six traditional Virtues of Lendosan philosophy.
Flag: White, with two gold stripes near the top and bottom, with the drinisi near the hoist (left) between them.
Coat of Arms: None, although the drinisi is used for similar purposes.
Anthem: Lendosa Unita (Lendosa United)


Creation of Law: Laws outlined by the Senate and then created by the civil service (subject to review by the Praetor and Tribunes).
Courts: Separate courts for different legal codes (civil, military, governmental, etc.). Three levels of courts (Magistrate's, Judge's, and Judicator's Courts) depending on the seriousness of the crime. Arbiter's Court for crimes under Confederate Code (the highest criminal code). Decisions may be appealed to a higher court. Courts commissioned by civil service.
Police: Independent civilian police. Non-military state security forces and intelligence forces also have police powers. The military has no police powers outside emergencies.


Military Branches: Army, Navy, Airforce
Military Expenditure: 40.234 billion Cruisanan Crowns
Military Expenditure as % of GDP: 1.36%