The two maps on this page illustrate the physical features of the Lendosan Confederation.


This map shows the basic physical features of Lendosa. As will be noted, the highest elevations are in Lendia, the northern of the two main islands, while Piolsa, the southern, is flatter. The smaller islands off the Lendian and Piolsan coasts are generally fairly level. The highest point in the Lendosan Confederation is Mount Recuna, in the western regions of Lendia's interior.


Being based on islands, Lendosa does not have the large river systems that are sometimes found in other countries, although both Lendia and Piolsa are large enough to support a number of notable waterways. By length, the longest river in Lendosa is the Videc, which begins in central Piolsa (the southern island) and flows into the Sea of Blue Waters to the east. By volume of water, however, the largest river is actually the Aspala, in the southwest of Lendia - although shorter than the Tiris, it picks up a large amount of water from the mountains of central Lendia.