The Lendosan Confederate Navy is responsible for all sea-based military activity conducted by Lendosa. While the primary purpose of the Navy is defensive, it also remains Lendosa's primary means of force projection - if Lendosa needs to conduct military operations at some distance from its own shores, the Navy will likely play an important part in it. For this reason, the Navy operates over a significantly greater range than either the Army or the Airforce are accustomed to. While the other two forces are primarily based within Lendosa itself, and only leave the country for specific purposes, the Lendosan Navy can be found in all of Vexillium's oceans and seas. The establishment of a naval base in Rovens and the reopening of a base in Xochimechatl has enhanced the Navy's global reach.

Ranks and Uniforms

Officers in the Lendosan Confederate Navy are divided into eight basic ranks. In order of seniority (from lowest to highest), these are Enzinio, Subtenenteo, Tenenteo, Adjudateo, Capitano, Comodoro, Clasiziano, and Almiranta. While these rank names can be translated into literal equivalents, it should not be assumed that each rank will function in a similar manner to foreign ranks with the same name. The most senior officer (who serves as the commander of the navy) is given the prefix "granda" on his or her rank (producing the title Grandalmiranta, which can be translated as Grand Admiral), while the second most senior officer is given the prefix "alta" (producing the title Altalmiranta, or High Admiral). These are not, however, ranks in the strictest sense - rather, they are aditional titles given tto a regular Admiral.

The uniform worn by naval officers is dark blue with gold trimming. The uniform's design, which (apart from colour) is identical to those of the Army and Airforce, was originally used during the days of the Empire. Rank is indicated by a number of square golden badges (also from the Imperial era) on the front of the unform, and by a bar on the uniform's epaulets.
Rank Insignia
Epaulet Bar
Rank Name
Fleet Commander
High Admiral
Grand Admiral


The Lendosan Confederate Navy, like other branches of the military, is made up from the core of the old Imperial Navy. The remainder of the old Imperial Navy is now divided between other parts of the former Lendian Empire.

The Imperial Navy itself has a long history. Its origins lie in the Royal Neonian Navy, the largest naval force of the various kingdoms that once existed in Lendia. When revolution broke out, most of the Royal Neonian Navy (which had been poorly treated by the King of Neonia at the time) defected to the revolutionaries, and provided them with valuable assistance. In particular, the Navy gave the revolutionaries access to military supplies, including heavy guns that were brought ashore from warships. After the revolution was over, the Royal Neonian Navy became the core of the new Navy of the Republic.

When Ravamiro Talriez, a prominent general of the revolution, gradually began to usurp power, he had considerable support from the Army of the Republic. The Navy, however, opposed him. As a result, many senior officers in the Navy were arrested when Talriez eventually proclaimed himself Emperor. By the end of the Emperor's rise to power, all but two of the Navy's admirals had been executed. One of these was Admiral Bargo, the Emperor's sole supporter, who made commander of renamed Imperial Navy. The other was the former commander, Grand Admiral Durazio, who had taken his flagship and fled into a storm in the Cislendian Ocean. As Grand Admiral Durazio and his flagship were not sighted again, it is presumed that his ship was destroyed in the storm.

Despite the imposition of new commanders, the Navy did not remain loyal to the Emperor for long. Admiral Bargo was killed in a duel while ashore, and his replacement was considerably less attached to the monarchy. Moreover, most junior officers (as well as most ships' crew) strongly resented the Emperor's interference with the Navy's command structure - many senior officers, particularly Grand Admiral Durazio, had been viewed as heroes. The memory of Durazio's defiant rejection of the Emperor also inflamed opinion. By the middle of Emperor Ravamiro's reign, the Navy was almost completely loyal to the Imperial Council, the democratically elected body which represented the last vestiges of the Republic.

The Imperial Navy generally remained allied with the Imperial Council for the remainder of the Empire's existence. This contrasts with the Imperial Army, which swung between the Council and the Emperor a number of times. As the balance of power in the Empire shifted between the Council and the Emperor, the Navy was either strengthened or neglected.

While the Navy retained strong political opinions, it did not often become directly involved in politics itself. The limited use of warships in internal disputes is undoubtedly a large part of the reason for this. On occasion, however, the Navy's influence was important. While the military power of the Navy was not of great significance for the Empire's internal politics, the Navy still carried considerable symbolic weight, and comments from admirals were listened to with respect. In particular, the Navy often acted as a counter-balance to the Army, undermining attempts to make the Emperor seem a strong military leader.

When the Lendian Empire collapsed, the Imperial Navy was broken up and distributed to the Empire's successor states. The modern Lendosan Navy is based around the Imperial Navy's core.