The Lendosan Confederation (lo Confederatio Lendosano) is a a sovereign state of Vexillium.
<out-of-game note>
The Lendosan Confederation is actually a component of Vexillium, an online game/simulation where players create and manage a fictional country. Lendosa is not in any way real, and its creator does not claim otherwise.
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The Lendosan Confederation is made up of six component nations. These are the Free Republic of Lendia, the Kingdom of Piolsa, the Federation of Rabel, the Republic of Ranha, the Patricianate of Rioch, and the Avatariate of Kha. Each of these states is a part of the Lendosan Confederation of its own free will, and may leave at any time.

The various members of the Confederation are geographically linked. All exist on islands located off the western coast of the continent of Longerath. These islands are sometimes known to the world as the Western Isles. The principal islands are Lendia and Piolsa, with the four other member states being smaller islands off the Lendian or Piolsan coasts. To the east of Lendosa may be found the nation of Neoliliana, on the continent of Longerath. To the south is Caboteniasa, and the continent of Smalik. To the west lies the Cislendian Ocean.

The Lendosan Confederation has a diverse and complicated origin. The islands of the Confederation were initially inhabited by Kenkaric tribes, who gradually established several substantial civilizations. Large-scale colonization of the main islands by Liliani settlers displaced those civilizations, but the Kenkaric peoples still form the basis of the Rabeli, Riochan, and Ranhi peoples of the modern Confederation. At later dates, various immigrant peoples have arrived in Lendosa, adding to the mix of ethnicities and cultures. Today, most Lendosans are decended from the Liliani colonists, but have incorporated many Kenkaric elements into their culture. Kenkaric peoples remain a majority in the smaller states, and other minorities (such as the Kha) have established themselves somewhere in between.

The recent history of the Confederation revolves around the Lendian Empire. Established following a revolution against several fragmented and corrupt monarchies, the Empire was initially restricted to the island of Lendia itself, but gradually expanded. Eventually, the Lendian Empire covered not only the current Lendosan Confederation but also the neighbouring states of Neoliliana, Caboteniasa, West Uhlan, Kunn Fedoron, and Lombriga. The Empire was broadly democratic, but was troubled by occasional outbreaks of authoritarian government as the balance of power swung between the elected Council and the hereditary Emperor. Eventually, the Empire became unstable enough that it was dissolved, briefly being transformed into a federal republic (the Free Confederacy of Lendian Republics, or FCLR) before being broken into its constituent parts. Lendia and Piolsa, along with their various outlying islands, came together to form the Lendosan Confederation, based around the heartland of the old Empire.