Recognition of Other Nations
Lendosa, in contrast to many nations, does not officially "recognise" foreign governments. From the traditional Lendosan point of view, such recognition is either redundant or incorrect. If what is recognised corresponds to the facts, there is no need to give recognition. If it does not correspond to the facts, it is foolish - why recognise that which is untrue? For this reason, Lendosa does not make statements regarding veracity of the territorial claims or lack thereof of any state. Lendosa may, however, comment on the legitimacy, in a moral sense, of such claims.

Diplomatic Relations
The Lendosan Confederation welcomes the opportunity to establish diplomatic representations with almost any nation or group. However, it should be noted that having diplomatic contact with a nation does not necessarily mean that Lendosa supports that nation, or agrees with any of its territorial claims. Consequently, the Confederation may have a representation with two opposing powers in a civil war, without necessarily supporting either. The Lendosan government believes that negotiation is important, and should not come with any conditions or reservations.

There are one or two nations, however, that Lendosa will not accept diplomatic relations with. These are nations (or claims of nations) that actively seek to undermine the Confederation. Examples of these are the false states proclaimed by the likes of General Bonoduro, an ethnic-supremacist rebel who attempted to seize power in Lendia and then established an apartheid state in the Melga Islands. If this had been a genuine state, Lendosa would have accepted it as such, but Bonoduro did not establish a state so much as a coalition of warlords performing no real governmental functions. As such, our recognition remained with the Free Republic of Melga, which was the last genuine state to occupy that area.

The Lendosan Confederation is a member of the Association of Neutral Nations of Vexillium. This means that Vexillium does not participate in other people's wars or conflicts, although Lendosa will not necessarily refrain from commenting on them. It should be noted, however, that Lendosa is far from defenceless - the Confederation's neutrality should not be taken for pacifism.