This page discusses electricity and oil production and consumption of the Lendosan Confederation.

The Lendosan Confederation generates some 296.263 billion kWh of capacity each year in its electricity sector. Roughly 40% of this is from nuclear power, 25% is from hydroelectric power, 20% is from thermal power (ie, oil, gas, and coal), and 15% is from sources such as wind power, solar power, and geothermal. About 56% of Lendosa's generating capacity is owned by the Confederate government, with the remainder being in the hands of smaller authorities or private corporations. The largest private generator is Lendian Energy, a subsidiary of Lanatira Technologia.

Lendosa has a large number of nuclear power plants in operation, all centred on the basic design used throughout the former FCLR. These reactors are highly efficient and highly safe. There has not been a significant accident at a Lendosan nuclear power station to date. All but three of the nuclear reactors in Lendosa are in Confederate hands - two of the others belong to the Lendian government and one belongs to a private company, Lanatira Technologia.

The hydroelectric power in Lendosa came about primarily due to the desire of the government to reduce Lendia's dependence upon thermal generation. The mountains and hills in western Lendia make ideal sites for hydroelectric dams, with hydropower making up a considerable portion of Lendia's energy production. It is not so common in Piolsa due to less favourable terrain, but is still present.

The majority of Lendosa's thermal generation is based around natural gas, which can be found in Lendosa. Both oil and coal generation were once a more significant part of the generation process, but have been slowly phased out in favour of the natural gas plants, thereby reducing Lendosan dependence on outside sources for its energy needs. A small number of oil plants remain open, however, running of the small amount of oil extracted off the coast of the Rabel Islands. Only one coal plant remains, using imported coal. The Lendosan government has put a great deal of effort into reducing the carbon dioxide emissions produces by the thermal power generating process, and thus has been gradually reducing Lendosa's dependence on this source. Gradually, the government plans to phase out all thermal generating plants.

The remaining power generation capability of Lendosa is in the smaller renewable energy sources, being wind power, solar power, and geothermal power. Of these, wind power is the largest, particulariny in Piolsa. Certain regions of Piolsa are known for their small forests of wind turbines. The second of the three, solar power, is less used, but is still significant enough to be noted. The government strongly encourages the use of solar panels to provide aditional electricity. Geothermal power is only found in the southeast of Lendia, in the Bairia area, and has not yet been extensively developed for its energy providing potential.

Lendosa has only a small amount of domestic oil production, almost all of which is controlled by the private Agora Corporation. Most of this oil is under the sea surrounding the Rabel Islands, in the northwest of Lendosa. The rest of Lendosa's oil needs must be met by imports, most of which are also handled by Agora. The total oil consumption of Lendosa is 8.7 million barrels of oil a day.