Embassy Sovereignty and Diplomatic Immunity
Lendosa has a slightly different view on embassy sovereignty than most nations. It is our belief that embassies should not be counted as the sovereign territory of their owning nation. However, when Lendosa attempted to implement this policy, we received many protests from the international community. Therefore, we decided that all embassies could be extraterritorial if the nation requested it, but they would all be located in a Diplomatic Compound, which would be sealed off from the rest of Colchisia except for one gate, which was under constant armed guard. Lendosa also refused to accept sovereignty over its embassies in foreign nations, unless doing so meant that diplomatic relations could not be established. Since that time, however, policy has been further relaxed, and embassies may be positioned where their nations desire. Lendosa still refuses sovereignty over its own embassies, however, and shall continue to do so in its small protest against this illogical practice.

On a similar note, it should be remembered that while Lendosa recognises diplomatic immunity (another illogical practice), it has very little patience with violations of our law. While it will respect a nation's so-called "right" to deal with its own people as it sees fit when they commit crimes (despite their being in Lendosa and committing offenses against Lendosan citizens), if Lendosa does not consider the action taken against the people sufficient, diplomatic relations will be broken off. Failure to punish offenders is no less than condoning the crime.

Neoliliani Offices
Due to an agreement with the Federal Republic of Neoliliana and Western Gorami, all Lendosan embassies established in a nation without representation from Neoliliana may be utilized by Neoliliani citizens. That is, a Neoliliani citizen finding themselves unable to reach a Neoliliani embassy may turn to a Lendosan one instead. All Lendosan embassies have either a representative of the Neoliliani government or Lendosan officials capable of performing similar functions.

Diplomatic Seals
These seals are used to represent the Lendosan Confederation abroad. Naturally, the language used depends upon the country.

Embassies and Consulates in Lendosa
The following is a list of all foreign representations in Lendosa, usually found in the capital, Colchisia.

Protectorate of Afrazure Altlandique
Kingdom of Altland
Akitania Berria
Republic of Armatirion
Republic of Bowdani
Federal Republic of Brolecia
Free Commonwealth of the Greater Realm of Burovia
United Kingdom of Caboteniasa
Kingdom of Christiana
Federated States of Dascunya
United Provinces of Disonda
Moun Republic of the Island of Djeriga
Directorate of Draconia
Republic of Eastern Delgamia
Republica Ensolelhada
Sultanate of Feniz
Republic of Islandia
Independent Westrian Kukuria
Great Nations of Leiputria
Republic of Neoliliana
Republic of Phenixia
Altlandic Crown Colony of Port Marie
People's Republic of Rovens
Estado Unido de San Patricio
Sempervirens Republic
Empire of Trinia
Republic of Ulanova
United Democratic Republic of Utania
Kingdom of Vingarmark
People's Revolutionary Republic of West Uhlan
Federal Republic of Whitlam
Empire of Greater Zartania

Treaties and International Organisations

Lendosa is party to the following treaties and international organizations.

United Nations of Vexillium (UNV)
The Lendosan Confederation is one of the more prominent members of the United Nations of Vexillium, having been a member of the Security Council since that body was established. Lendosa still maintains its position on the Security Council now. Lendosa's largest contribution to the UNV was most likely the debate regarding the future of Glaciaria, with Lendosa spearheading a movement to make the continent a UNV-administered territory. A vote was held, and the measure passed, but the action was vetoed. Lendosa still does not recognise the legitimacy of any claims to Glaciaria, and was a founding member of the Glaciaria Convention.

Association of Neutral Nations of Vexillium (ANNV)
The Association of Neutral Nations of Vexillium is, as the name suggests, an organization of nations dedicated to non-interference in affairs which do not concern them. The Lendosan Confederation is a strong proponent of this philosophy, but this does not mean that we cannot or will not defend ourselves if necessary. Neutrality essentially signifies minding ones own business, but not isolationism and certainly not defenselessness.

The Free Confederate Community (FCC)
The Free Confederate Community, or FCC, is an international organization established by those states formerly a part of (or otherwise connected with) the Free Confederacy of Lendian Republics, a former superpower of Vexillium. Lendosa was a founding member of that organization, along with Neoliliana, Caboteniasa, and the Maritim Islands.

Glaciaria Convention
The Glaciaria Convention is an international agreement designed to protect and preserve the pristine conditions of Glaciaria, Vexillium's frozen continent. The Convention prohibits the use of Glaciaria for military, commercial, or industrial uses, limits the nature of scientific research (for example, prohibiting weapons research), and makes it a crime to violate these requirements in each signitory state. The Lendosan Confederation considers it worth noting that only one of the nations that lays claim to territory in Glaciaria, being the Lexicon Islands, has signed this document. Lendosa does not hold much hope for convincing these nations to withdraw their baseless claims, but hopes that more will follow the excellent example of the Lexicon Islands and at least demonstrate their commitment to preserving Glaciaria.

Valarium Pact
The Valarium Pact was proposed, drafted, and is now managed by the Lendosan Confederation, being headquartered in the Piolsan city of Valarium, for which the pact is named. The Valarium Pact is intended to halt the spread of nuclear, biological, and chemical weaponry throughout Vexillium, and to decrease the numbers of weapons currently existing. Lendosa is strongly against all of these weapons, and, despite posessing detailed knowledge of how to construct them, has not done so. Those weapons that Lendosa inherited from the FCLR have been safely dismantled, and their material stored safely away.

Weapons Limitation Treaty
The Weapons Limitation Treaty of 300 was established in order to prevent the proliferation of weaponry and armaments around the world. The treaty limits the sales of arms abroad, and requires full disclosure of all sales and of sizes of existing militaries, aimed at preventing the accumulation of weapons by so-called "rogue states" for use against democratic and peaceful nations. The Lendosan Confederation was one of the earliest signatories to this treaty, and urges more states to become a party to it.