The Lendosan Civil Service (known in Lendian as the Andrade) consists of all governmental offices which are directly under the supervision of the Senate and its appointed Administrators. It does not include people such as military officers, police, and judges - these people are considered to be part of autonomous Agencies, which operate according to their own separate charters.

The Andrade is considerably more powerful than many other civil services, as it has considerable autonomy. While it is expected to obey the will of the democratically elected Senate, and is under the supervision of the Senate, it does not actually accept direct commands from the Senate. This is to ensure it remains apolitical. It is also important to note that the Senate has no power whatsoever to appoint or dismiss senior officials of the Andrade - this is done by internal procedures, designed to reward success and talent. The Andrade must be politically neutral, and cannot be allowed to be used for political purposes.


The highest official in the Andrade is known as the Chancellor. The Chancellor is one of the three highest officials of the Lendosan Confederation, being equal in rank to the Praetor and the Consul. The Chancellor is appointed from the Directorate, a council made of up all twenty-five Secretaries. A Secretary is a head of a Section, the Lendosan equivalent of a government department or ministry. Secretaries themselves are appointed from the Controllers, the heads of a Section's subdivisions.

Chancellors and Secretaries are not exactly elected, but are still elevated by means of their colleagues' opinions. Each of the Secretaries (for the appointment of the Chancellor) or Controllers (for the appointment of a Secretary) is secretly evaluated by a randomly selected half of his or her colleagues according to various criteria of capability and talent, and a formula, not known to the evaluators, is used to produce a combined "average assessment" of a person's administrative quality. The most qualified person will then be appointed.


Sections function as the government departments or ministries of the Andrade. Each is headed by a bureaucrat known as a Secretary. Each also has an Administrator, who, depite the title, actually holds only a supervisory role in most cases. The Administrator is a Senator appointed by the Senate to ensure that the Section is carrying out the Senate's will.

There are twenty-five Sections.

Administration Section
The Administration Sector operates purely within the domain of the government itself, having no function connected with the rest of the nation. It is responsible for coordinating the various different Sections, ensuring that they are all functioning as they should. It is responsible for all operational supply and procurement for the various branches of government, including the autonomous Agencies, providing them with all the equipment and basic materials that they will need. It is also responsible for keeping records of all government property and holdings.
   Current Administrator: Senator Luis Coelo (Balance Party)

Agriculture Section
This Section is responsible for the management and supervision of farming and related areas within Lendosa. It is responsible for certifying and checking produce, facilitating market access, and balancing agricultural needs with the needs of the nation as a whole. The Agriculture Section is also responsible for fisheries, aquaculture, and forestry within Lendosa. It works quite closely with the Science Section and Ethics Section on the issue of biotechnology and genetic engineering of crops, a somewhat controversial matter in Lendosa.
   Current Administrator: Senator Jorgeo Ajento (Ecotopian Party)

Commerce Section
The Commerce Section of the Lendosan government is responsible for the general supervision of commerce and business within the Confederation. It is responsible for the creation of regulations and requirements for the moral and ethical conduct of business, for protecting the rights of the consumer, and for encouraging the growth of business. Particular focus is given by the Commerce Section to those areas of Lendosa which are significantly behind the others in terms of commercial development.
   Current Administrator: Senator Paulo Dias (Reform Party)

Communications Section
The Communications Section is responsible for maintaining the large communications infrastructure of the Lendosan Confederation. It is responsible for supervising Celista, the state-owned communications company, and for regulating the communications industry as a whole. Its authority covers postal, telephone, and internet communications.
   Current Administrator: Senator Marina Mendes (Socialist Party)

Culture Section
The Lendosan government's Culture Section is responsible for the promotion and preservation of arts and culture of all kinds. It funds and supplies the numerous state-supported artistic groups, and maintains a funding authority to which individuals can apply for grants. It also coordinates all government-funded theatres, galleries, and venues in Lendosa, and maintains Lendosa's various museums. It is also charged with the task of upholding the culture and traditions of minority groups, which have been eroded in the recent past.
   Current Administrator: Senator Pedro Santos (Balance Party)

Defence Section
The Defence Section is responsible for the administration, funding, and supply of the Lendosan military. It has no direct authority over the military, with no power to issue orders, but is merely present to serve as a link between the government and the armed forces. All military funding passes through the Defense section, and the Defence Section is responsible for much of the military's administrative work. The Defence Section is also responsible for long-term planning and military analysis, in conjunction with the military's high command.
   Current Administrator: Senator Lara Dirao (Balance Party)

Diplomacy Section
The Diplomacy Section is responsible for all contact between the Lendosan Confederation's government and other nations or entities. It is charged with the task of representing Lendosa's views wherever it might be necessary, and for the reception and analysis of all communications that might be of interest to the Confederation. It is also responsible for the maintenance of Lendosan embassies and consulates in other nations, and the hosting of foreign embassies within the boundries of Lendosa.
   Current Administrator: Senator Miranda da Sava (Balance Party)

Education Section
The Education Section is responsible for the management of the public education system of the Lendosan Confederation. It is responsible for the maintenance of all state-owned educative institutions, and for the planning of future development in that area. It has responsibility for establishing the curriculum governing the material taught at these institutions, and is in charge of the examinations and tests that are given to all students. It is responsible for the award of certificates for all academic or trades-based qualifications.
   Current Administrator: Senator Amelia Ferano (Socialist Party)

Energy Section
The Lendosan government's Energy Section is responsible for the maintenance of Lendosa's state-owned energy production and distribution. This includes the generation of electricity through all state-owned power plants and what little natural gas extraction and processing Lendosa conducts. It also maintains all electricity cables and transmission lines, including the several large cables across the Piolsa Strait between the islands of Lendia and Piolhosa. The Energy Section is also in charge of certification of private generation establishments.
   Current Administrator: Senator Galono Durantro (Reform Party)

Ethics Section
The Ethics Section is a relatively small part of the Lendosan government, but nevertheless is considered important. It is responsible for maintaining a standard of morality and ethics in the Confederate government, including any new laws proposed by the Senate. It is responsible, along with the Tribunes, for the enforcement of Lendosa's numerous laws against discrimination and bias. It often works in conjunction with various other departments.
   Current Administrator: Senator Tava Ibibani (Balance Party)

Finance Section
The Confederate government's Finance Section is charged with the responsibility of gathering revenue for the state. It is responsible for the collection of taxes from both private individuals and companies, and for the collection of fines and fees charged by any government entity.
   Current Administrator: Senator Ura Galbora (Reform Party)

Health Section
The Health Section is responsible for the establishment, maintenance, and improvement of all public health services within Lendosa. The primary focus of this is naturally on the hospital service, but also includes psychiatric wards and other mental health treatment. The Health Section is charged with running both ambulance services and rescue operations, in conjunction with the Lendosan police. It is also responsible for educating the public about health and safety issues.
   Current Administrator: Senator Sara Jonosa (Socialist Party)

Industry Section
The Industry Section has the task of overseeing all manufacturing and production within the Lendosan Confederation. It is responsible, along with the Commerce Section, for promoting the growth and expansion of these things, while at the same time assisting the Nature Section in ensuring a low level of polution and dangerous gas emissions. The Industry Section is also charged with enforcing safety regulations in the workplace.
   Current Administrator: Senator Miguel Torantrianico (Communist Party)

Intelligence Section
The Intelligence Section is one of the smaller Sections, and is charged with the supervision of the gathering of information. Specifically, it oversee the Panopticate, Lendosa's main intelligence agency. The Intelligence Section does not gather intelligence itself, but instead directs the operations of those entities which do, and is responsible for receiving all intelligence information sent to the government, collating it and reporting to the rest of the Confederate government.
   Current Administrator: Senator Maria Quintanilha (Imperial Party)

Justice Section
The Justice Section is responsible for maintaining the various courts of the Lendosan judicial system, both in terms of their legal powers and their practical operation. It is also responsible for the recommendations made to the Chancellor regarding the appointing of magistrates, judges, and the Arbiter, and regulates the legal profession. The Justice Section also establishes and maintains the Lendosan prison network. It is responsible for educating the public about the law, and for advising the government about possible law changes.
   Current Administrator: Senator Reinaro da Tenio (Imperial Party)

Media Section
The Media Section has a regulatory function, supervising radio, television, internet, and print media. It is responsible for enforcing government standards and for regulating broadcast frequencies. It also supervises Lendosa's state-owned media, but for the most part, these organisations are allowed to work autonomously.
   Current Administrator: Senator Ricardo Simon (Reform Party)

Nature Section
The Nature Section of the Lendosan government is dedicated to the preservarion and protection of Lendosa's natural environment. It is responsible for the establishment, administration, and maintenance of Lendosa's substantial system of national parks and reserves, and is responsible, along with the Police, for the enforcing of the general ban on hunting. It is involved in a number of significant conservation projects, particularly in the preservation of various plants and animals native to Lendosa or its component islands.
   Current Administrator: Senator Maria Secanto (Ecotopian Party)

Science Section
The Lendosan Confederation's Science Section is broadly responsible for all scientific research and development within the Lendosan state. It has direct control over all governmental science programs and organizations, including all entities licensed to call themselves Institutes (although individual Institutes may be partially controled by another Section specifically related to their field). It is also responsible for overseeing all private research in certain fields, ensuring that no regulations are being broken and ethical practice is upheld.
   Current Administrator: Senator Tiana Ovesca (Balance Party)

Security Section
The Security Section is essentially responsible for the protection of Lendosa and it's government through the Guard (see Law Enforcement). The Guard is essentially responsible for all crime against the government (as opposed to the Police, who are responsible for crime against ordinary citizens). In practice, the Guard is responsible for security at government facilities, for maintaining border control measures, and for investigating lapses of government security. As the Guard is essentially self-directing, the Security Section is mainly present for administrative and policy decisions.
   Current Administrator: Senator Viran Achent (Balance Party)

Sport Section
One of the smaller Sections, the Sport Section is responsible for sport, recreation, and leisure within the Lendosan Confederation. This includes the obvious role of coordinating all government-funded teams in Lendosa, but also covers the maintenance of stadiums and the management of competitions and tournaments. It is also responsible for the promotion of sports and other physical activities to youth, a project undertaken in conjunction with the Health Section.
   Current Administrator: Senator Diro Tanomo (Socialist Party)

Statistics Section
The Statistics Section is in charge of all governmental information and statistics on the country. This covers any information collected by any government source that is non-classified and of use to any other government or civilian entities. Most information held by the Statistics Section is accessable by members of the public. The Statistics Section is responsible for taking the yearly census, and for the compilation and publication of certain important statistics, maps, charts, and figures.
   Current Administrator: Senator Dauido Cipano (Reform Party)

Trade Section
The Trade Section has broad responsibility for all commerce and business transactions that occur between parties in Lendosa and other parties in the outside world, or transactions between two foreign parties that pass through Lendosa. Besides being responsible for controlling and steering trade in the national interest, it is responsible for coordinating with the Commerce Section to ensure that no regulations are breached, with the Security Section, to ensure that no illegal items enter or leave the country, and with the Ethics Section, to prevent exploitation by Lendosan companies operating abroad.
   Current Administrator: Senator Arlindo da Silva (Reform Party)

Transport Section
The Transport Section has a broad regulatory role over the Lendosan transport industry. Its two main functions are the supervision of Lendosa's state-owned transport companies and the enforcement of safety regulations in private transport. The Transport Section's remit covers air, sea, and land transport, including both public and private vehicles and craft.
   Current Administrator: Senator Leomaro Dantara (Socialist Party)

Welfare Section
The Welfare Section is in place to provide social security and benefits to those in need of them. It provides pensions for old age, benefits for disabilities, and assistance for low-income citizens and families. It is also charged with providing oportunities for employment to those in need of it, working with the Industry Section and the Commerce Section to facilitate this. It also maintains many free clinics, advice centres, and counselling services for those who need support.
   Current Administrator: Senator Juano Magelo (Progressive Party)

Works Section
The Works Section is essentially responsible for the construction and maintenance of all government-owned buildings, installations, and landworks. This includes all buildings owned by the government or autonomous government agencies, ranging from office blocks to hospitals to airports to prisons. It is also responsible, under the direction and guidance of the Transport Section, for maintaining the road networks of Lendosa, and the construction of new highways, bridges, and tunnels.
   Current Administrator: Senator Steniro Jozani (Communist Party)

Summary of Administrators by Party

The party with the most Administrator's posts is the Balance Party, with nine. It is followed by the Socialists and the Reform Party, both with five. The Communists, the Imperial Party, and the Ecotopians each have two, while the Progressives have one. The Nationalists, the Burovians, the Libertarians, the Values Party, and the Fascists have none.